Quotes from the Beth Southwell CD Release Concert

We had such a great time at your CD release party! It's so great to hear the vision you had for your songs come to fruition! We just finished listening to your album in our car and would love to hear any of those tracks on the radio You are one amazing lady Ms. Southwell! Congratualations!
- Kim Kreut

Soundtrack for today is Beth Marie Southwell's new CD.

I had such a good time at her release last night. It was visually beautiful against the black curtain backdrop and stage lights & musically it was outstanding. Beth and her fellow ...musicians shared so much talent and heart. Jesse on guitar with his solo's, Simpsonelli pounding the drums and making me want to dance, Michael on bass, Meghan on the saw, Monica and Meghan on violin, Bahiyyih and Christie with their harmonies....

I swear last night was one of those moments when I think we are so lucky to have such great artistic talent in Vancouver, and I take heart knowing all across Canada there are other places feeling it too. Lots of great talent all across the Provinces and Territories.
           -Mzcool Guurl
Listening to Beth's CD and remembering how great her CD release party was last night. You are truly brilliant, my friend. It was great to see you take centre stage and I hope there's a lot more of that coming up!
          -Tracie Brown
Beth Southwell you totally rocked it girl! What an uplifting joy to hear your songs soar along with that amazing band - you are truly a gifted writer - blessed to know ya...
        -Shannon Ingersoll

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