Monday, September 17, 2012

Beth Southwell with Jesse Waldman and Michael Simpsonelli

                                                                               7 Days
                                                               Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
                                                       6450 Deer lake Avenue, Burnaby, BC

                                                                         Studio Theatre
                                                                        Free Admission
Witness one concept through the eyes of seven top-tiered artists from a variety of disciplines and see it come to life, seven different ways, in only seven days. There are no limits except the 14 minute performance time – oh and a completed piece in only one week. Sure to capture the imagination, the funny bone and the creative spirit of participants and audience alike, 7 explores the very limits of what possibilities exist when one is pushed to the limit...
7 daysAll artists received their inspiration packages on Sunday September 23rd at 10am.  Since then they have had time and space to create and rehearse what you you will see on Saturday Septemebr 29th,  the 7th day.

7 companiesIn order of appearance the participating artists/groups are:
1. Amber Funk Barton’s the response
2. Neworld Theatre featuring Kathleen Greenfield, Tricia Collins, Parjad Sharifi and Marisa Smith
3. Beth Southwell with Jesse Waldman and Michael Simpsonelli
4. The Body Narratives Collective featuring Julia Carr and Meghan Goodman
5. Susan Bertoia
6. Sea Pilgrim with Kent McAlister, Craig McCaul and Terri Upton
7. The 605 Collective featuring Lexi Vajda, Laura Avery, Tiffany Tregarthen and Josh Martin
8. Rough House Theatre

Beth Southwell with Jesse Waldman and Michael Simpsonelli

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Concerts in the Courtyard at the Firehall Arts Centre in Vancouver, BC

I am coordinating two concerts this summer at the Firehall Arts Centre.
Summer Concerts in the Courtyard at the Firehall Arts Centre 
located at 280 East Cordova, Vancouver BC

The event is admission by donation and bot concerts will open with a member of the Downtown Eastside community  and will be followed by a main act;

July 29th - Glass City Trio
Jazz featuring Michael Rush, Dave Sikula and Evan Arntzen

August 26th - Headwater

Come on out and support a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community while enjoying some of Vancouver's best music.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beth is on Soundcloud and a review of Bustin' Out All Over

I have created a sound cloud page with several of the tracks from my new album. If you would like to take a listen to the new material  you can visit

We also had a great review of the Bustin' Out All Over show at the Shadbolt

JUNE 5TH, 2012

Bustin’ Out All Over

Bustin Out, Shadbolt Centre for the ArtsShh… can you keep a secret?  Not to worry, because not keeping a secret is the entire premise of “Bustin’ Out All Over” – a new musical cabaret playing at the Shadbolt Centre on June 1st and 2nd.  And in true cabaret-style, the Studio Theatre was transformed into a cozy and intimate lounge, complete with candle-lit tables and bar.
In “Bustin’ Out All Over,” the Shadbolt commissioned six multi-talented, multi-disciplined performers to create 15-minute pieces about the nature of secrets and what occurs when they can no longer be contained. The result?  A very touching, humorous and personal set of stories that are told through monologue, stand-up, skits and songs.The evening kicked off with music from the Kent McAlister Trio, and then taken over by the immensely talented host and emcee Neezar Joeseph – who entertained us in a variety of ways, not the least of which included dressing up as a cross-dressing “badass bunny” and giving a rousing performance of the popular Secret deodorant slogan and song from the 1970s: strong enough for a man, made for a woman.  If this sounds familiar to you, then you haven’t really heard it unless you’ve heard it sung as a rock song by the “badass bunny.”
Marco Soriano was our first official secret-revealing performer of the evening, sharing his journey: “The Second Coming.”  What started out as a light-hearted monologue about vampires and zombies eventually gave way to some poignant and sometimes painful stories of Marco’s childhood – endearing stories about his Italian family, his Catholic upbringing and his coming out that made you laugh, made you want to cry and just plain made you want to hug the heck out of him.
True to cabaret form, music also played a big part of “Bustin’ Out All Over” with accomplished singer and songwriter Beth Southwell – who charmed the audience with her hauntingly beautiful songs about life, love, happiness… and secrets, of course.
The always-entertaining Melanie Yeats helped to close the evening with her own witty stories about the various meanings behind her chronic lateness and what that says about her… according to her therapist.  Melanie started her piece with a sort-of stand up routine, sharing the ups and many, many downs of her highly amusing experiences in the actual and online dating world – imbuing every turn of phrase with a comical genius that had the crowd in stitches.  But little did we know that the best of Melanie was still to come.
Her stand-up took a surprising and humorous turn into song, complete with music and back-up singers with her laugh-out-loud ditty “I’m in love with my therapist.”  Eventually, we – as the audience – were all asked to chime in, commiserate and sing-a-long because as Melanie so astutely pointed out… “we’ve all been there.”
Kind of.  Well, mostly.  At the very least, we’ve all experienced some sort of unrequited love.  Right?
Although the Shadbolt’s 2011/2012 season has just one more performance before it officially comes to a close, Deer Lake Park will play host to a number of exciting summer events and concerts.
Be sure to check out DJ Leanne & Co. at Live at the ‘Bolt on June 22nd, then mark your calendars for upcoming events at Deer Lake Park – including Symphony in the Park on July 15th and the Burnaby Blues + Roots Festival on August 11th.  For more information on these and other events, visit the Tourism Burnaby Events Calendar or win concert packages to events at Deer Lake Park with the Burnaby Summer Concert Series!
Sheliza Mitha is a freelance writer and editor based in Burnaby, BC.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Bustin' Out All Over

June 1st and 2nd at Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
Burnaby, BC
visit the website at:

I am performing at the cabaret style event called Bustin' Out all Over
I am performing three of my own songs and also performing with Cory Philley on two of her songs

Its a wonderful multi-disciplinary showcase wit the theme being around secrets.

Can’t keep a secret? We can’t either. And we’re about to go viral! We’ve commissioned six multi-talented, multi-disciplined performers to create 15 minute pieces about the nature of secrets and what occurs when they can no longer be contained. Set in the intimate and interactive atmosphere of the Studio Theatre, there’s no telling what will happen but it is sure to be combustible. We’re bustin’ out all over and you won’t want to miss the truth – and truthiness! – in the telling.

Monday, February 13, 2012

My CD and Tour Update

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would give you all a little update on the progress of the album and the upcoming tour plans.
My CD is being sent to be mastered at the end of this week, and once that is done it will be time to make the hard copy, real deal album!!!! Yay!
This is really exciting as the CD took three years to complete. I had a friend once tell me during this process that you can't rush raising a song. It takes as long as it takes, and I have found that to be very true and a comforting thought throughout this journey. These songs have gone to places I never imagined, and I am thrilled with that.
So as it stands we are looking at an April release date for the Album and CD Release party. I will keep you all posted as things develop further

The UK Tour!!!
I am excited to announce that I will be taking this CD on a tour to the United Kingdom this August and September 2012. I will be touring with my good friend, and producer of the album Jesse Waldman. He was a huge part of this CD and plays more instruments on it than I can count- well slight exaggeration, but you get the idea. He is a brilliant, innovative, thoughtful guitar player and a great song writer. So we will be heading over to the UK where he will perform with me on my songs and also do his own material. His music tends to have strong roots in the blues genre. We plan to perform in folk clubs, house concerts, and some pubs throughout the UK on our adventurous tour.

Thank you for all your support along this journey, and to everyone that pre-ordered my CD... its coming!!!