Monday, September 17, 2012

Beth Southwell with Jesse Waldman and Michael Simpsonelli

                                                                               7 Days
                                                               Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
                                                       6450 Deer lake Avenue, Burnaby, BC

                                                                         Studio Theatre
                                                                        Free Admission
Witness one concept through the eyes of seven top-tiered artists from a variety of disciplines and see it come to life, seven different ways, in only seven days. There are no limits except the 14 minute performance time – oh and a completed piece in only one week. Sure to capture the imagination, the funny bone and the creative spirit of participants and audience alike, 7 explores the very limits of what possibilities exist when one is pushed to the limit...
7 daysAll artists received their inspiration packages on Sunday September 23rd at 10am.  Since then they have had time and space to create and rehearse what you you will see on Saturday Septemebr 29th,  the 7th day.

7 companiesIn order of appearance the participating artists/groups are:
1. Amber Funk Barton’s the response
2. Neworld Theatre featuring Kathleen Greenfield, Tricia Collins, Parjad Sharifi and Marisa Smith
3. Beth Southwell with Jesse Waldman and Michael Simpsonelli
4. The Body Narratives Collective featuring Julia Carr and Meghan Goodman
5. Susan Bertoia
6. Sea Pilgrim with Kent McAlister, Craig McCaul and Terri Upton
7. The 605 Collective featuring Lexi Vajda, Laura Avery, Tiffany Tregarthen and Josh Martin
8. Rough House Theatre

Beth Southwell with Jesse Waldman and Michael Simpsonelli

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